My name is Ed Schief, and I’m a West Michigan native.

I’ve been around forever on the local church music scene, since almost before there was one.  I don’t have a degree in music but I do have 40+ years of church stage experience.  After all this time, I have a pretty good idea what works and what doesn’t, and if I’m not sure what works, I know which questions to ask.

I’ve accompanied countless soloists, worship leaders and congregations, and was the Director of Instrumental Music at Ridge Point Community Church from 1994 – 2006.  I’ve recorded in studios around the West Michigan area, produced albums and tracks for local artists, played rock and roll in clubs, written and recorded radio jingles, played piano for a LOT of weddings, and in 1997 I led the band for Phantasm, a musical that ran four shows at DeVos Hall in during Easter Weekend.

So I’ve been around.  I started Noteworthy in 2011 to continue what I’ve been doing all these years—help churches make good music.