Your church is not a big youth group, not a senior citizen’s center.  It’s not the church down the street, it’s…your church.  It looks the same as the other churches, from the outside.  But inside, that’s where it’s different.  It’s a particular church, with a particular people, history, culture, tastes and talents.  This is what makes your church your church.  This is why people come to this church and not another one.   Your music should reflect who your church is.  All of it.

You want your music to flourish, so what do you do?

You don’t do what the church down the street is doing.  There are too many variables.

You do take the things that are common to every worship song, every church, every worship service, every group of music team volunteers, and find the way they fit your congregation, your volunteers, your history, your mission.   A great worship atmosphere/community doesn’t just happen–it’s a result of fitting the basics of good music, good leadership, good vision, and applying them to your particular group.  The results will always look different than any other church.

It’s worth the effort to find the right direction for your music, a direction that fits your congregation and your volunteers.  Noteworthy can help you set up a solid foundation of musical training, leadership and community, at a level of involvement that suits your needs and your budget.

Bring out the talents God has given you, and give them a voice.   It’s God’s song, but it’s your voice.

Find your voice.