These classes are available for your music team:


Essentials of Ensemble Playing

How and why good bands sound like they do     

Barre Chord Basics

The Logic Behind Barre Chords

Beyond Barre Chords

Seven chords the pros use

Keyboards in worship

Making Use of all those sounds

Finding Your Place On The Guitar Neck

Two chords & two scales to help you play lead lines & fills

Changing Keys

Building Smooth Modulations

Getting Ready For Sunday

How to prepare for a performance

Moving Beyond Barre Chords

A Whole New World of Great Sounding Chords

Practical Chord Theory

     What the chord symbols mean     

The Basics of a Groove

Getting a good feel from the rhythm section

Making the Most of Rehearsal Time(a short version of The Effective Rehearsal, our one-day workshop)

Getting ready for Sunday in 2 short hours

Simplifying Charts

Giving the musicians something they can use

Arranging for horns

A simple, practical approach to writing horn parts