This is my friend, Randi.


In all my time playing onstage and working with performers, I’ve never, ever seen anyone who can do what she can do. She has, for lack of a better term, a way with vocalists.  I’ve seen her do it over and over.

The first time blew me away.

She was a volunteer worship leader at the church where I worked as the Director of Instrumental Music.  We’d rehearse the the band and singers separately on rehearsal night, then come together at the end to run through everything as a group.  The other worship leaders would bring the vocalists in very well rehearsed, knowing their parts, etc., and I thought that was all that could be done.  But the first time Randi brought the vocalists in to join the band, my jaw dropped–they had a sound.  Like they’d been singing together for a long time.

I asked Randi, “What did you DO?  They sound so good!”

She said she worked with vowel sounds, breath control, blah, blah, blah, which meant nothing to me.  But what did mean something to me was how good those amateur singers sounded.  I didn’t think it was possible in one short rehearsal—which wasn’t logical, because I could do it with the amateur musicians.  Shows what I know.

Randi almost always works with me when I go to a church to help with their music. She’s an in-demand worship leader, and for good reason.  You should check out her blog: